Monday, October 8, 2007

An Open Letter to Coadjutor Archbishop John Nienstedt

Dear Archbishop John Nienstedt,

Welcome to the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis.

In your homily at your Mass of Reception on June 29, 2007, you expressed a desire for unity among Catholics of the Archdiocese. This is our deepest desire also.

At present we are painfully conscious of division and divisiveness among us that inhibits the Gospel witness of the Roman Catholic Church in the state of Minnesota. We invite you to lead us in healing our divisions.

We believe that we all start from the same position: we want the Catholic community in this state to be a vibrant living witness that our God is a God of love manifested in the whole creation and in each individual within it. We believe with you that this is the Gospel lived and preached by Jesus. We are all called, sent, baptized, to live this simple message of universal, unconditional love.

However, working out the Gospel message in human community at this stage of our evolution is not so simple. We believe that unity – community – is an organic working together of individuals with different gifts and views.

Our individual spirits and life experiences have formed us with different outlooks and drives. Among us we have progressive views, moderate views and conservative views. Each has a role to play in shaping the ongoing life of the community.

The Archdiocese is an institution to be administered, but it is also a thinking, feeling, and acting community requiring continual formation and renewal. All voices must be included in the dialogue necessary for this type of pilgrimage, and in order to heal divisions and grow in effectiveness and love.

We are progressive Catholics who ask you to dialogue with us and to include us in the ongoing conversations that shape the thinking of the community.

The Progressive Catholic Voice Editorial Team

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