Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

The official law of the Catholic Church prescribes that the faithful have the right and sometimes the duty to tell church leaders their views on matters concerning the good of the church (Canon 212.3), especially their own spiritual needs (Canon 212.2), and to freely establish associations to accomplish their goal (Canon 215). Since the whole institutional church is committed to serve those needs, [the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform's Synod of the Baptized] and its preparations enjoy the full support of the whole church, and all members of the Archdiocese [of St. Paul-Minneapolis] should feel responsible to assist it in every way possible, not least with prayer for its successful outcome. On this basis I hope St Paul-Minneapolis becomes a beacon for the national church.

- Roger Haight
Scholar in Residence,
Union Theological Seminary, New York

Note: This message of support from Roger Haight is one of many received by the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform for its Synod of the Baptized: "Claiming Our Place at the Table." Five-hundred people are gathering for this synod today at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis. Others who sent messages of support include Hans Küng, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Rev. Richard McBrien, and Dr. Anthony Padovano.

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  1. Having discovered the Progressive Catholic Voice, I've been pulling up material from the archives and found this affirming message from Roger Haight. I was one of the baptized who went to our Synod. (Out of the Valley of Death rode the five hundred .... Not exactly an accurate quote. Does anyone care?) The Synod was marvelous. Being there with the cavalry on the charge was important. And how lovely that icons like Haight, Kung, Ruether, McBrien, and Padovano took the time to send messages of approval. Dr. Padavano was there, in person, and gave a stirring speech that sent all of us galloping into the future.

    Do browse the archives, and do read the comments. Thanks for this post, editors.