Thursday, March 17, 2011

Listening Sessions Underway in the St. Paul-Minneapolis Local Church

In preparing for Synod of the Baptized 2011, the Twin Cities-based Catholic Coalition for Church Reform (CCCR) is inviting local Catholics to host and/or attend "listening sessions." A number of these sessions have already taken place and more are being planned.

A listening session is a small gathering of Catholics who come together to discuss concerns about the institutional Church. They raise questions of conscience, note disconnections between the Gospel and Church practice, and express the needs they see within their Archdiocese. Listening sessions are an opportunity for the people in the pews to share concerns and listen to one another. These concerns will also be shared with the Council of the Baptized, the representative and deliberative body that will be the primary outcome of CCCR's Synod of the Baptized 2011.

Do you know people troubled by church policies and practices that do not reflect Gospel values?

Just invite them to your home, 6-20 people. Then call the coordinator, Paula, at 612-379-1043. CCCR will provide a facilitator to lead the discussion for you. Touch base with the facilitator ahead of time and she/he will do the rest.

Invited participants to listening sessions will discuss two main questions: "What disconnections do you see between the Gospel and our Church?" and "If you could talk face-to-face with Archbishop Nienstedt, what would you say?"

CCCR's goal is to attract 500 new participants to Synod 2011. "These added to the 500 Synod 2010 participants will make us 1000 strong," say organizers. "Our numbers give us courage, strength and hope."

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