Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quote of the Day

In an effort to promote passage of the marriage amendment to the state's Constitution, Archbishop John Nienstedt wants area Catholics to recite a special prayer during mass.

Just last week, a priest in our archdiocese was convicted of criminal sexual misconduct. Despite having the same information as the jury that convicted him, the archbishop assigned him to a parish 40 miles away from his supervision.

In addition, the archbishop responded to the courageous victim's concerns over the placement, according to the trial testimony, with the hurtful words, "trust your shepherds." Mass always begins with a penitential rite.

I would propose a prayer at the start of archdiocesan masses asking forgiveness for these failings.

– The Rev. Michael Tegeder
Letter to the Editor
Star Tribune
December 18, 2011

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  1. Our Archshepherd can't seem to tell the difference between wolves and sheep. Woves are real dangers to flocks. Merely sending a wolf forty miles away won't curb his predatory habits. Sheep will still be in danger. The Archshepherd, no longer concerned about the wolf, now concerns himself with an imagined danger to his flock -- the sheep with rainbow colored wool and the sheep with monochromatic wool who baa up for them. Why, our Archshepherd
    seems to hate these sheep. He wants an amendment to the constitution of our pasture passed that will prevent the sheep with rainbow colored wool from going off in the sunset two by two the way monochromatic sheep do. Well, he may want help from his flock, but most of us will refuse. Hmm. Perhaps the Archbishop is a wolf. NanookMN