Friday, May 4, 2012

"Singing Our Hearts Out" for Marriage Equality

By Bev Bailey

My husband Bill and I spent much of last Saturday singing our hearts out. Catholics in support of marriage equality (which our local bishop opposes) were filmed singing a song about the pain homosexual children experience as they grow up and have to keep secret the truth of whom they love.

One of the men present said he was 30 years old when he came out to his parents. About five years later, his mother told him how sorry she was that he had had to bear this secret for 30 years, that he had not been comfortable enough to even share it with his parents. But that was the culture of society and our churches in the past. Unfortunately that is still the practice of many churches even today. Even today, children of same-sex unions are bullied in school. And think of all the young people that commit suicide because they are gay and their parents and others around them will not accept that fact. It is not a choice; it is not a mental condition; and no amount of therapy will change this. They have been created and loved by the same God that us heterosexual people believe in. Some say the Bible condemns homosexuality but it also okays slavery and the stoning of children. Is it possible that we don’t understand what the Bible is trying to tell us?

Please vote NO in November; talk about this issue with your friends; check out this website for coverage of today’s recording and other activities that are going on right now to defeat this hurtful amendment.

Many religious denominations are working for marriage equality. And watch for the release of today’s recording sometime in late summer.

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  1. Why do you claim your Catholic if you directly disobey the direct teachings of the church?

    1. Because the teachings of the church are wrong. How can you claim to be Catholic and not be outraged and pressing legal action for harboring known pedophiles?
      Keep up the good work singers!!

  2. Hello, Anonymous #one. Let's see, what teaching of the church are we disobeying? Is there a teaching of the church that a Catholic must amend a state constitution to deny equal protection of the laws to other citizens of the state? Is there a teaching that a Catholic must vote as an archbishop tells her/him to? Why can't we use our reason and our consciences and claim to be Catholic?

  3. Just wanted to say that I am so glad to see that there are other Catholics out there who support love in all its forms! Keep up th egood work!