Monday, June 11, 2012

Hundreds of Catholics Gather to Speak Out Against Marriage Amendment as a Matter of Conscience


By Kate Brickman

Note: The following is an official media release from Minnesotans United for All Families.

More than 200 Catholics from all across Minnesota came together Sunday afternoon at a church in Edina to discuss how Catholics can vote no on the proposed constitutional amendment that would limit the freedom to marry. Father Bob Pierson, OSB explained why Catholics, in good conscience, can vote no on this amendment in November.

“My faith suggests that I cannot in good conscience remain silent,” said Father Pierson. “I am speaking up now to say that I believe this amendment violates an important principle of Catholic teaching, and that as Catholics, we can vote no. As a Catholic priest, I am not here to criticize our Church’s teaching, but rather to lift up an aspect of the Church’s teaching that seems to have been forgotten by some who are supporting the amendment. The issue I am talking about is “Freedom of Conscience.”

Father Pierson’s sentiments were echoed by LaDonna Hoy, a lifelong Catholic and member of St. Bartholomew’s Catholic Church in Wayzata. “As a Catholic I would also ask: How then can it be right for a particular faith tradition–for us–to support legislation that defines marriage in a way that removes the rights and limits the freedoms of all Minnesotans regardless of their beliefs or lived experience? We are called as Catholics to bring forth a kingdom of love and justice in our midst. What is core to our tradition and its teachings is that the intrinsic dignity of each person must be respected in word, in action, and in law.”

The event was organized by Minnesotans United for All Families, the official campaign working to defeat the amendment, in partnership with Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, Call to Action MN, Catholic Coalition for Church Reform, and Dignity Twin Cities.

“I pray that we become that church,” said Hoy. “A church that upholds the sacredness of marriage and its commitments for all people and that is open and informed by the insights and wisdom of the lived experience of its people. A church where inclusive love is once again our guiding principle and justice lights our way.”

Above: The display table of Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, one of the four Catholic organizations that partnered with Minnesotans United for All Families to present the June 10 "Catholics Vote No" event.

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Images: Michael J. Bayly.

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  1. It's all there in the writing of our best theologians. The three that come instantly to mind are Lawlor and Saltzman, and Sr Margaret Farley. It's about justice and relationship.

    The thing that makes me so appreciative of Sr Farley is she has been in Africa and seen the worst of the worst when it comes to the injustice of sex. Rape as a weapon of war. HIV/AIDs as a consequence of marital sex. Gay men killed and lesbians raped to 'straighten' them out. Every time we in the US pass laws or outlaw sexual behavior we give a green light to some seriously unjust sexual behavior. Sad thing is, I think that's exactly the message the Vatican wants to send.

    Straight males rule.