Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Father Helmut Schüller

Following is a video of Fr. Helmut Schüller's July 26, 2013 address at the City Club of Cleveland, Ohio.

Did you know that the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis banned a webcast of Fr. Schüller's July 24 talk from taking place on church property?
For the full story, click here.


  1. Schuller on why the Austrian priests chose to use the word "disobedience" is worth noting: "Obedience must be embedded in a system in which the leaders are accountable to the people."

  2. Message from Sheila Laughton:

    As an educated 60-year-old (lay) person, I am competent to decide to whom I listen, what I read, and then to make up my own mind--without anyone telling me what I can and can not see, what I can read or what I should think! As for prohibiting showing the presentation on church property--why? We've already heard more gross misrepresentation of church doctrine and extremely selective church "history" as well as an incredible assortment of hypocrisy and lies--and that was from the priest in the pulpit! If we don't admit our problems, we can not "fix" them.

    Sheila Laughton