Friday, March 4, 2016

Council of the Babtized's Open Forum Continues with Focus on Parish Life

Is your parish the heart of your Catholic life? This is the question that will be explored at the Council of the Baptized's March 8 open forum when Jerry Roth, Executive Director of the Center for Parish Leadership, will present a vision of the parish as "the heart of Catholic life."

Roth will explore several themes including the role of the Archdiocese in supporting vibrant parishes, a return to the simplicity of our Catholic parish mission, and key characteristics that form the foundation of a modern parish and the relationships of its key stakeholders.

When: Tuesday, March 8
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Where: Gloria Dei Church
700 Snelling Ave So, St. Paul, 55116

In light of the Council of the Baptized's March 8 open forum on parish life, here are some insightful quotes from a number of books all about parish life and leadership. These quotes are taken from the resource page of the Center for Parish Life website.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for us, priests and laity alike, to forget that we are church. As a result, we get trapped in winning rather than serving, in success rather than holiness, and in tasks rather than Gospel. And, quite possibly, our greatest weakness - we forget to be joyful. Consider this proven reality: the quality of our ministry is determined by the quality of our spirituality.

– Mary Benet McKinney, OSB
Excerpted from Learners and Leaders:
A Spirituality for Board Members

In most guidelines, the pastor is typically the consensus builder, the spiritual leader, and the creator of trust. He fosters a sense of community in the council by serving, that is, by helping the council achieve its ends in regular meetings.

– Mark F. Fischer
Excerpted from Pastoral Councils in Today's Catholic Parish

Parishioners who serve on a parish pastoral council must be those who have received a call to the ministry of leadership. Together with the pastor, these are individuals who are capable of reflection, discernment, visioning, reaching consensus, and pastoral planning. . . . The purpose of revisioning the council is primarily the development of mission-focused parishes, rather than programmatic or finance-driven ones. . . . When there is clear awareness of this 'larger vision' proposed by the gospels and taught by the Church, a parish finds itself energized by a sense of mission and directed to matters that will do more than simply fill the annual calendar.

– Mary Ann Gubish and Susan Jenny, S.C.
Excerpted from Revisioning The Parish Pastoral Council

A first concern of the Good News pastor is to empower the people among who he ministers to lead. . . . Building trust requires that the pastor focus his energy on equipping the people of the parish to fill their proper role in the parish's governance and enabling the staff of the parish, along with parishioners, to fulfill their proper role to serve and witness in gospel ministry for the sake of and on behalf of the church's mission to the world.

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