Monday, January 30, 2012

Catholics for Marriage Equality MN Launch Online Petition

Group urges Archbishop Nienstedt to focus on Catholic social justice initiatives, not divisive politics

SAINT PAUL, MN – Today, the Catholics for Marriage Equality Minnesota launched, an online petition urging Archbishop Nienstedt and all the bishops of Minnesota to refocus their energy, time and commitment away from the divisive constitutional "marriage amendment" and back towards laudable Catholic social justice initiatives.

“Recent comments by Archbishop Nientedt have unnecessarily turned our church into a lightning rod on a controversial political issue,” said Michael Bayly, Executive Coordinator of Catholics for Marriage Equality MN. “We urge Archbishop Nienstedt and all the bishops to redirect our church's time, energy, and money towards feeding the hungry and caring for the homeless and the sick, and away from this divisive issue which is causing unnecessary pain and hostility within the local Catholic community and beyond.”

This petition and all of its signers will be delivered to the Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis at a later date. Catholics for Marriage Equality MN encourages and welcomes Minnesotans of any and all faith backgrounds to sign the petition, which can be found at


  1. You're asking the Catholic Church, the largest private charity in the country, one that treats all comers, to practice a little social justice?

    How much will you be contributing to that increased effort?

    1. "Sorry" to remind most people, but Ray from MN is right. You guys think the Church's "priorities" are all mixed up; we gotta ask ourselves how WE practice social justice.

      Furthermore, this whole petition thing just goes to show how many people just don't understand how the "Church" works. The Church wasn't built around petitions, and it's not going to change that exactly.

      If, as a "Catholic," you don't agree with the Church's position, then don't vote along its margins. It's that simple. The hierarchy's probably not going to listen much to what they regard as "heretical" positions anyway. You guys are worried about politicization from the Church -- realize that a petition is only further politicization.

      I don't get it. The Church just doesn't practice or get to practice temporal power (especially not like it used to and still does elsewhere) in the U.S.; anyone who's voting based on whatever comes out of their priest's or bishop's or the Pope's mouth obviously wasn't ever going to vote as "progressively" as these petitioners would like.

      Also, that Bayly's comments are just further proof how much he "doesn't get" the Church. For the past 2,000 years, the Church has been nothing BUT "a lightning rod on [all sorts of] controversial political issue[s]." Give me a break, Bayly. If you don't like it, then, change religion. It's the Land of Free, right? We'll all still vote how we shall vote; and in the end, that's between me and God.

  2. Hierarchy only preaches Social Justice, is not about Practicing it.

  3. It would go a long way to strengthen marriage and family to rally Catholics in the interests of economic justice. The primary stress on marriage and family is not the existence of same-gender couples who want to be married; it is economic hardship--poverty, homelessness, worry about making the check last. Thanks to Catholics for Marriage Equality for calling us together behind this plea to the Archbishop and the bishops of Minnesota.

  4. If any of the editors of the pcv are reading, would you consider also putting in a plug for this petition:


  5. All I have to say is pretty much in here:

  6. I heard a report on MPR a few days ago about the Archdiocese of St Paul & Mpls plans to send a mailing out this week to all registered Catholics. The report explained that the funds would be used to pay for "Vote Yes" TV ads supporting the Marriage Amendment. Today I received a mailing from the Archdiocese asking for money. This mailing claims that the funds would be used to feed he poor. hmm... I'm not making accusations. But I will be contacting the food shelters directly to ensure that my funds will indeed help feed the poor.